Q: How often is the Hyderabad Arts Festival held?
A. Hyderabad Arts Festival (HAF) is an annual Arts and Culture Festival of Hyderabad, and happens every year.

Q: What are the dates of HAF every year?
A. HAF annual season starts on the second Saturday of April every year and ends on the last saturday of June.

Q: Where are the HAF events held?
A. The locations for the events vary from hotels, to auditoriums, to other venues depending on the kind of the event. Please check the event listings for further details.

Q: How much are the tickets priced at?
A. All the HAF events during the HAF Seasons are absolutely free and non-ticketed. However HAF does conduct paid events and fund raising events outside its annual Season, and pricing for such events varies from time to time.

Q: For the free events, is registration mandatory?
A. Yes, registration and getting entry passes are mandatory even for the free events since the venues have limited capacity and audience has to be controlled.

Q: How do I get the free entry passes?
A. Registration can be done online at the HAF site and passes can be booked. Alternately physical passes can be picked up from HAF office. Contact details are mandatory for entry passes.

Q: Can I take extra entry passes?
A. Take only as many passes as people attending. An unused entry pass is a loss to some other art lover who could not get the pass.

Q: I am an artist. Can I perform at HAF?
A. If you are an established artist having done stage shows and think you can match up to HAF events, you are welcome to send in your details for our perusal.

Q: Can I promote my brand at HAF?
A. Yes, HAF has many sponsorship and association opportunities available. Please share your interest and we will work out a way to team up.

Q: I am a photographer. Can I take click photos or take videos of the events?
A. You have to register with HAF to click photos or take videos, and work as per the guidelines of HAF which varies depending on the artist, type of event, venue, etc.

Q: Can I volunteer for HAF?
A. Yes, HAF welcomes like minded individuals who want to be a part of it. Send in your details and area of interest and we'll get back to you.